Life is to live

In life we come across many people some disappears like the season of mangoes and some stays with you like the age of turtle and once I visited my dad’s office where I came across a big business tycoon. I was 10 years old at that time. As I grew up I started harking his words that time I noticed he used to flaunt about his money and used to pretend like he had  biscuits of gold. And as days passed , years passed he was getting older and older . One day my dad received a call and that was him saying that because of some infection he was admitted in the hospital from last six weeks and now doctors  have proclaimed that any moment could be his last one. He asked my dad bring me on the phone. Through his voice I could well imagine that tears would have been rolling from his eyes with his soft shivering voice he told me son never make money as your priority yes money is important for life but but what is more important is to live a life of satisfaction .I was always busy in making money that I never spent time  with my family and never enjoyed my life .Now see I am in the end moments of my life and now even money can’t save me and bring back my life . So I don’t want you to regret what I am regretting now. So spend time with your family and enjoy your life . At the end money won’t bring you happiness but memories will and he ended the call by saying-


“”Live every moment of your life

Life is not that big as we think it is””  


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