Speaking for speechless

In todays world everyone have some or the other selfish motive from one another. But, bond between a dog and a human being is unconditional. Yes,  an animal who spend its whole life in securing and loving it’s owner. It doesn’t care whether its owner is rich or poor ,  black or white . Just a pinch of love and it dedicates its whole life to its owner.

After all it is human nature of loving a person who doesn’t  give a damn about you and then spend their whole life crying for that person . But the question is =

“Why don’t we love this selfless soul?”

We come across people who feel irritated when a dog comes near them and starts beating and throwing pebbles and sticks on it just to get that loving soul away from them. Those people doesn’t think once that they are hurting this selfless creature and don’t even bother to know why this poor was coming to them they don’t even think that it must be hungry and wanted some food. All those people care about their own  self. In some developed countries  a dog in the neighborhood starts barking a bit in the absence of its owner then the people of the neighbor hood report them  in police and then they take  the dog away and kill it.

“Oh god how far will this human go just for the sake of little bit of comfort.”

Well if you can’t even love this selfless creature who just want your love and nothing else then how can you expect a blissful life from that almighty !

Please, don’t treat these creature bad just because  they can’t speak or we can say just because they are selfless and just what they need is a bit of love and affection.  Give them 10 minutes of your big day and I bet those 10 minutes will be your most enjoyable moments of your day.


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