A young American girl after completing her graduation and convocation she was assigned as an assistant in well developed company in Europe. It’s been one year working for this company and living the same casual and savor less life. One day as her boss was not able to go for a meeting so she was asked to usher the meeting from where her love tale started

Yes! the hero of her love tale was the the person with whom the meeting was and instead of asking business questions he started asking questions about her , her hobbies , her likes and dislikes at first she felt very awkward but the man’s politeness and respect for her won her heart. After lots to sweet savor conversations and dates they finally got married after 6 months from their first day to togetherness.

After a year of  savorful  life together they had a cute little champ in their small family he was brought up with lots of love and affection,IMG_1647 years passed and their little champ is now a grown up and is ready for his graduation. He was enrolled in a college in Britain. Everything was going smooth but during his 2nd year he got a call from his dad and he told him that he and his mom are getting divorced but being the only child of his parents it was his responsibility to handle the situation so he reacted calmly to their decision and after a long thought he decided to talk and convince his parent to stay together but nothing happened and situations became worse and finally his parents got separated. This decision had an adverse affect on him and he got trapped in the web of depression he was dropped out from his college this was the bitter savor phase of the son and his parents and after seeing the situation of their child the parents decided to take a step for their child and they started living  together and doing stuffs together which not only improved their child’s situation but also affected the life of the parents they again started showing love and care for each other and this way their son became the sweetest savor of their lives


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