Flower the symbol of beauty and fragrance. Mostly used for decorations and perfumes. Flowers! As soon as this word is heard or used only one image  comes to our mind and that is its beautiful appearance. But seeing flower as some edible object is quite uncommon right ?

Yes! Indeed it is. But not from the point of view of a chef. Flowers add beauty , savour and fragrance to the dish. I will like to pick two of my favourite flowers which are not only beautiful but tasty too.


Ah! Beauty with taste. Mostly roses are used for deserts. Rose gives a unique flavor to the desert. It spreads its fragrance to the desert just like magical pixie dust. All roses are edible, with the flavor being more pronounced in the darker varieties.IMG_1659

2.English lavender 

Again beauty with taste . What color , what fragrance just so mesmerizing. Another flower playing its magic in the world of deserts. It was quite interesting to hear that the flower which is famous for its fragrance is edible too. It is the flower having both savory and sweet flavor.IMG_1664

Never thought that these small flowers can play so many roles and just so different from each other a flower can be used for bringing a smile on an upset girlfriend’s face. A flower can make a place as beautiful as a beautiful bride spreading her love walking through the aisle. Flowers are the heroes in the world of sweet and lovely fragrance.

And last but not the least flowers are the superstars in the world of food

Food every persons’ weakness I guess

And especially deserts with beauty in it.

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