Family in which a life of a person starts and ends. What is family? Family is that support system which will be always with you in your entire life. Family is that group of people who can sacrifice anything for each other. The people whose love is unconditional and will always remain unconditional. This group of few people in this whole mighty world is FAMILY.

The love, the care, the support that your family gives you is priceless. We humans are so stupid that we never value our family’s love. Rather, we keep searching for love in strangers that is human tendency and we run after those who just take us for granted.
And because of which we don’t even care of the priceless gift we have that is our family and sometimes we realise their importance it becomes too late and we might even lose them.
It is not necessary that family can be only related to blood relations sometimes heart connections can also give you priceless family members.
In the end I will say that
Never loose the priceless things and people for temporary pleasures.

“Just focus on the priceless gifts that God has given you instead of running for the ones that are not yours.”



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