Feel free to be infinite 

We humans have a tendency of finiting ourselves in each and every thing whether it is our dreams our outfits our way of living or our diet 
We dream big but finite ourselves in achieving it 

We bound ourselves in wearing outfits that other people will like but don’t thing that in which outfit we feel comfortable and confident 

We limit our diet because we think we’ll get fat, we’ll loose our figure and what not. And it is all because we are conscious because of the people around us thinking about what people will think 

But guys your life is yours so live it infinitely 

Go explore the world 

Do what you love to do

People will criticise but just ignore them 

Life is to live. So don’t finite yourself behind the bars of what others will think.

Live as if no body is watching you😜

Achieve your Dreams as if it is the only thing that will make you the happiest 😁

Wear as if you are the trend 😎

And eat as if you won’t get food again 😂😋 

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