Flower the symbol of beauty and fragrance. Mostly used for decorations and perfumes. Flowers! As soon as this word is heard or used only one image  comes to our mind and that is its beautiful appearance. But seeing flower as some edible object is quite uncommon right ?

Yes! Indeed it is. But not from the point of view of a chef. Flowers add beauty , savour and fragrance to the dish. I will like to pick two of my favourite flowers which are not only beautiful but tasty too.


Ah! Beauty with taste. Mostly roses are used for deserts. Rose gives a unique flavor to the desert. It spreads its fragrance to the desert just like magical pixie dust. All roses are edible, with the flavor being more pronounced in the darker varieties.IMG_1659

2.English lavender 

Again beauty with taste . What color , what fragrance just so mesmerizing. Another flower playing its magic in the world of deserts. It was quite interesting to hear that the flower which is famous for its fragrance is edible too. It is the flower having both savory and sweet flavor.IMG_1664

Never thought that these small flowers can play so many roles and just so different from each other a flower can be used for bringing a smile on an upset girlfriend’s face. A flower can make a place as beautiful as a beautiful bride spreading her love walking through the aisle. Flowers are the heroes in the world of sweet and lovely fragrance.

And last but not the least flowers are the superstars in the world of food

Food every persons’ weakness I guess

And especially deserts with beauty in it.

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A young American girl after completing her graduation and convocation she was assigned as an assistant in well developed company in Europe. It’s been one year working for this company and living the same casual and savor less life. One day as her boss was not able to go for a meeting so she was asked to usher the meeting from where her love tale started

Yes! the hero of her love tale was the the person with whom the meeting was and instead of asking business questions he started asking questions about her , her hobbies , her likes and dislikes at first she felt very awkward but the man’s politeness and respect for her won her heart. After lots to sweet savor conversations and dates they finally got married after 6 months from their first day to togetherness.

After a year of  savorful  life together they had a cute little champ in their small family he was brought up with lots of love and affection,IMG_1647 years passed and their little champ is now a grown up and is ready for his graduation. He was enrolled in a college in Britain. Everything was going smooth but during his 2nd year he got a call from his dad and he told him that he and his mom are getting divorced but being the only child of his parents it was his responsibility to handle the situation so he reacted calmly to their decision and after a long thought he decided to talk and convince his parent to stay together but nothing happened and situations became worse and finally his parents got separated. This decision had an adverse affect on him and he got trapped in the web of depression he was dropped out from his college this was the bitter savor phase of the son and his parents and after seeing the situation of their child the parents decided to take a step for their child and they started living  together and doing stuffs together which not only improved their child’s situation but also affected the life of the parents they again started showing love and care for each other and this way their son became the sweetest savor of their lives


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Someone has said “People who are polite are those who have a golden heart.” But in todays era this can be proved wrong and costly as well. Many young guys are being used like hell by young girls by just the way girls speak and pretend to be good to the guys or vice-versa. And because of this lots of careers and lives are being spoiled. 

Most of the people who face this dreadful act are usually hunted through social media. Soft and loveable words are the basic hunting tools. 

People who have bad intentions will firstly  look for their benefits from the victim’s skills and tries their best to use those skills for their own sake or for their own well being and when their selfish motive is over then it will be like the end of their road and their behaviour will start changing and sooner they will they will leave you like anything. And most of the time this so called relation is named as “TRUE FRIENDSHIP.”😒

-> Firstly, see what is your profit for working for them Once a great man said “Never use your talent for free.”-> Secondly, don’t ignore the point of view of your family 99% they are always right -> Thirdly, don’t ever give a chance to a person who has already broken your trust earlier. Once a person loose your trust then that trust is lost forever. Don’t give forgiveness again and again. Forgiving them is like making yourself a fool. 


Legendary Shadow

A man was designated as the CEO of one of the best company in 1991. In 1998 he started his own auto motor vehicle company. The first car of that company was a big failure and company had to suffer through a huge loss. Then after discussing with some other businessmen around the nation he manifested to sell the company. So he went to US to sell his motor company to Ford. Where in the meeting of three hours he was badly insulted by that great company. So he decided to go back to India the same night without even completing the deal. Then after putting a lot of hard work and dedication he launched another car in 2004 which was a great hit worldwide. Meanwhile cars of Ford were losing there status. In 2008 Ford’s other cars like Land Rover and  Jaguar were turning out to be a big loss so this man decided to but those car companies from Ford and the deal was cracked in Mumbai 

The man was none other than “RATAN TATA” 

One of his saying is – 





Speaking for speechless

In todays world everyone have some or the other selfish motive from one another. But, bond between a dog and a human being is unconditional. Yes,  an animal who spend its whole life in securing and loving it’s owner. It doesn’t care whether its owner is rich or poor ,  black or white . Just a pinch of love and it dedicates its whole life to its owner.

After all it is human nature of loving a person who doesn’t  give a damn about you and then spend their whole life crying for that person . But the question is =

“Why don’t we love this selfless soul?”

We come across people who feel irritated when a dog comes near them and starts beating and throwing pebbles and sticks on it just to get that loving soul away from them. Those people doesn’t think once that they are hurting this selfless creature and don’t even bother to know why this poor was coming to them they don’t even think that it must be hungry and wanted some food. All those people care about their own  self. In some developed countries  a dog in the neighborhood starts barking a bit in the absence of its owner then the people of the neighbor hood report them  in police and then they take  the dog away and kill it.

“Oh god how far will this human go just for the sake of little bit of comfort.”

Well if you can’t even love this selfless creature who just want your love and nothing else then how can you expect a blissful life from that almighty !

Please, don’t treat these creature bad just because  they can’t speak or we can say just because they are selfless and just what they need is a bit of love and affection.  Give them 10 minutes of your big day and I bet those 10 minutes will be your most enjoyable moments of your day.

Life is to live

In life we come across many people some disappears like the season of mangoes and some stays with you like the age of turtle and once I visited my dad’s office where I came across a big business tycoon. I was 10 years old at that time. As I grew up I started harking his words that time I noticed he used to flaunt about his money and used to pretend like he had  biscuits of gold. And as days passed , years passed he was getting older and older . One day my dad received a call and that was him saying that because of some infection he was admitted in the hospital from last six weeks and now doctors  have proclaimed that any moment could be his last one. He asked my dad bring me on the phone. Through his voice I could well imagine that tears would have been rolling from his eyes with his soft shivering voice he told me son never make money as your priority yes money is important for life but but what is more important is to live a life of satisfaction .I was always busy in making money that I never spent time  with my family and never enjoyed my life .Now see I am in the end moments of my life and now even money can’t save me and bring back my life . So I don’t want you to regret what I am regretting now. So spend time with your family and enjoy your life . At the end money won’t bring you happiness but memories will and he ended the call by saying-


“”Live every moment of your life

Life is not that big as we think it is””